“2020 should be declared a dead year!”-Educationists

Educationists have poked holes in the president’s decision to reopen schools and higher institutions of learning for finalists saying that he should have instead declared 2020 as a dead year for all.

Students of Makerere University holding discussions before the lockdown

On Sunday while addressing the nation on the covid19 situation in the country, President Museveni allowed partial reopening of schools which have been under lockdown since March specifically for the candidate classes.

Ben Kibebe an educationist, says that it is not the right time to reopen schools because there is no way teachers and learners can cover the syllabi within the remaining few months of the academic year.

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“I think in my own opinion it is not the right time to reopen schools because the time for this is long overdue. If students went to schools today or this October, the time they have lost cannot be compensated in the next few months.”

“I imagine the kind of content contained in the curricula. Are they going to seat for exams? It very tricky therefore it requires a lot of engagement especially bringing other stakeholders in board.”

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Meanwhile the Ministry of Education is expected to release the new school calendar by the end of this week.

Similarly, government as been asked to pay registration fees for all candidates in the country ahead of the national examinations.

The secretary general UNATU Filbert Baguma says since most parents have been hit by the covid19 pandemic as many have lost their jobs, government is implored to come to their rescue.


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