30 billion dollars needed for Karamoja water reservoirs.

Government remarks 30 billion dollars for Karamoja water reservoirs. the cattle corridor in the venture to prevent water scarcity in Uganda’s semi-arid areas.

The national project coordinator in the ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Steven Kajura says the donor supported project will start in Karamoja and Teso Region which are the most affected by drought.

Kajura notes that they will ensure that all the semi-arid areas across the country have water reservoirs.


This was confirmed while commissioning the livestock marketing infrastructures in Katakwi.

“We hope may be in the next ten years to be able to provide enough water for cattle keepers in the cattle corridor which stretches from Karamoja in the North through the center and South of Lake Kyoga up to our border with Tanzania.”

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“This of course will increase our livestock production and productivity. We are targeting to export livestock and livestock products because we have enough land and resources including the water which we can tap in the rainy season.

If you go through the dry season, we shall increase our production and therefore register incresed income from the livestock sector.”

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