“Abortions should be safe and legal” – activists

Reproductive health rights activists are remarking the international Safe Abortion Day today with a louder call for a clear policy and laws on the same topic.

The day marked on September 28th, is meant to rally global voices to call for decriminalization of Abortion practices that are currently very common among teenage girls especially during the lockdown.

Reproductive health lawyer Sumaya Labila warns that if Uganda does not put in place safe abortion laws and policies, the country’s plan to attend the 2030 Maternal mortality target will remain a mere dream.

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Meanwhile, Dr Charles Kigundu Uganda’s Gynecologist at Mulago has warned of an increase in the number of teenage school girls seeking safe medical abortions services ahead of the reopening of schools to candidates.

“Definitely, out of active sex and non-contraceptive use, we get pregnancy. So, you find some of them in pregnancy terminations because they are pregnant and now you see we have said that candidates are about to go back.

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You are going to have a huge number of girls that want to abort because they must go and complete.

So, we expect to see number of girls that are presented with complications of pregnancy termination. you must also understand that lockdown did not produce money for these people it actually increased their poverty levels.

Now they are poor with a pregnancy they don’t want and yet cannot access safe abortion service. So what do they do they run to other services and then they get into trouble.”

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