Alert: Education Minister Breaks Silence As Joint Security Taskforce Warns Motorists

The Education Minister & First Lady, Hon. Janet Museveni has finally commented on viral documents on social media pupported to be from her docket.

The circular which contains proposed Changes to Education year plan and road map weeks to resumption of school for candidate classes plus what is required of children, raised eye-brows in cabinet given the fact that the said propositions weren’t tabled for discussion in any of the sittings.

The first lady while presenting the achievements of the Education Ministry in relation to the 2016 NRM manifesto at State House Entebbe, denounced the letter as fake.

She informed cabinet her Ministry cannot go against Presidents directive and any proposals will be put before cabinet.

“I have seen a letter that somebody put on social media and claimed it was me, even put my name there. I thought really Ugandans are incredible because how can you even put my name there. I could see this person took a lot of time trying to give opinion about when schools should open, what children should do, what parents should do and so on and so forth. I want to say to you the media, please inform the public that that letter on social media was not from me,” The first lady Reacted

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“There is no way I can bring up other ideas from what the President said when I am part of Government,” Mrs Museveni Added.

Minister Speaks out on When She will Address The Nation.

“Well I can say soon. It has to be soon; I can’t tell you exactly when. We are discussing and we have many concerns now. Before these children go back to school, we need to have all the answers ourselves so that we can guide the schools,” she said.
When asked what the anxious students and parents should expect, she noted they are carefully examining all proposals with safety central to Ministry’s final decision


“We are having meetings internally and we are brainstorming on these. We would even like to hear from parents themselves. We in the Ministry are discussing and I will soon address the parents and Permanent Secretary will give the guidelines to the schools, to Head Teachers so that they know what we believe they must do for schools to be safe, for our children to be safe. But I am sorry I can’t tell you exactly when.”

President Museveni’s on May 19th 2020, directed Ministry of Education to come up with a plan for candidate and final year students to resume studies by 4th June.

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As motorists countdown hours to lifting of ban on Private car movements as per Presidential Directive on easing of transport restrictions, Police has issued a warning.

“Any private car found on the road past curfew hours will be impounded and occupants arrested,” Police Spokesman Fred Enanga Warned.
The public is adviced to use correct masks, and obey the 3 occupants per car order. They are also reminded to have sanitizers and avoid using air conditioner.

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  1. Thank you Mr fixer for this information.thank God all the news circulating on Social media about schools resuming was fake

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