Arch Bishop shades more light on worship guidelines.

The Arch bishop of the church of Uganda Dr. Stephen Kaziimba, has issued further guidance to congregations as the resume their previous gatherings.

Dr. Stephen Kaziinda, the Arch Bishop of the church of Uganda.

After the president announced a limited reopening of schools and churches last night, he not only emphasized the need to greatly reduce the numbers in a specific place of worship to ensure social distancing but also wearing masks and thorough sanitizing of people’s hands and surfaces.

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The guidance is contained in his pastoral letter in which he noted that the six month of lockdown while also came to strengthen worshipping at home and that this should continue.

He asked that all bishop and Reverend in office should train more church leaders to enable implementation Ill all the standard Operating Procedures such as for for larger congregation should form groups of seventy.


Worship service to continue with all media based worship services.
Dr. Kazinda says that this is possible since early churches did the same.

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