“Child sacrifice has been my business!!” Parliament Head case deepens

Police has concluded investigations into the murder of 3-year-old Faith Kyamagelo who was beheaded by one Joseph Nuwashaba who then brought her head to the premises of Parliament.

The police spokesman Fred Enanga says investigations also took into account claims the suspect made that he had killed other eight children in the past.

He adds that Nuwashaba has been charged with two counts of aggravated defilement and murder pending appearance in court either today or tomorrow.

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“We managed to exhaust all possible lines of inquiry, we thought that probably there could have been second and third parties involved in this incident because it was very horrific and you couldn’t have expected a normal person to have done that.

We even investigated the defense that initially the suspect Joseph Nuwashaba was trying to raise claiming that he has been in this business of child sacrifice and blood sucking rituals in more than eight cases.

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So, we expect him in court either today or tomorrow and we shall also he handing over the body parts to the relatives.”

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