Education Analysts challenged government strategy on school reopening.

The Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU) says that the move by government o open only candidate classes was the country’s education structure.

In his address yesterday, the president only allowed candidate classes and finalists in higher institutions to resume school.

The UNATU secretary General Filbert Baguma says once effected, schools will not have candidate classes next year while some classes will have double enrollments.


“we have those of nursery like baby class, we will have two primary one, senior one and five classes and in tertiary institutions and universities we shall be having two years for year one.”

“finding them may be easy but where is the infrastructure? Therefore, we need a lot of money to fit within the new normal.”

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Following the same argument, the Uganda National Students Association (UNASA) has asked government to commit itself on how schools to sort the school fees issue through Kizito the (UNASA) spokesman.

“We don’t know what is going to happen so those who had fully paid their school fees to many schools yet they studied for only half of first term.”

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