WARNING: Return of Car Stickers, CCTVs, & Sanctions as Private Motorists Excitement Irks Authorities

Just hours into lifting of ban on private car movements took effect, security chiefs are re-evaluating the decision after thousands of cars flocked the city.

“Following the events of yesterday where we are seeing a number of private motorists hit road and also some of those in categories of sectors that were released recently; Restaurants, hotels and general merchandise shops,” Fred Enanga, Police spokesperson observed.

Enanga noted security has already seen many of motorists stoping at major public stages along key roots leadingbinto the city, picking up passengers in total disregard to the 3-person directive.

“We simply want to caution especially the private motorists who lockdown movement was eased, just this morning, we have seen some of them staging at this public stages along major roads coming to town, this defeats the philosophy of purpose why lockdown was lifted,” Enanga warned.

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The police spokesman further reiterated the philosophy behind lifting the ban.

“Remember the philosophy of private Vehicular movement is to transport owners to work places and to also facilitate other far essential movements.”

Security worries transporting passengers posses a risk to the driver and even the passengers them selves since you don’t know the person’s body temperature or where they are from.


According to the police spokesman, they are once again taping into thousands of CCTV cameras spread across the City to check and mark cars that are carrying passengers.

“We have deployed CCTV cameras and we are monitoring the movement of these private vehicles and those ones who will be established to be actively involved in use of their cars in commercialising private vehicles, we shall take sanctions against them”

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Fred advises the public to be patient as SOPs for public transport are Finalized.


Enanga reminds holders of car stickers to keep them close as security monitors the behaviour of private car owners.

“Those who have car stickers should not discard them yet, we are registering more COVID-19 cases and clearly the public is lax about this, just like how the lockdown is being phased out, we will trace our steps backwards starting with closing down transport and sectors released to resume operations as of yesterday,” Enanga revealed in an interview.

As for security forces cashing in on curfew victims, Frank Blaine, Prisons spokesperson has a simply solution,

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“Take a picture of their name tag, report them to us, we shall firmly deal with them”

He further warned mask vendors to keep away from checkpoints since some security guys collude with vendors to sell masks then share the spoil latter.

“Due to fatigue because we are going in almost two months with this lockdown, the frustration continues to build, let’s be patient with one another and obey guidelines” Enanga said.

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