Fake news!!!! The main hinderance to a proper communication channel.

The ambassador of Sweden in Uganda Per Lindgarde expresses the need to have in place a code of conduct in relation to reporting ahead of 2021 general elections. This during a debate on the role of the media in the electoral process the held today in Kampala.

“I would like to urge the government to balance reporting based on a piece of information from Sweden. In Sweden, the public service media is actually founded to license the state by Swedish households.

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And the public service media is selected by a special board which is one way to safeguard equitable coverage and non-biased reporting.”

For her part, the minister of ICT Judith Nabakooba cautioned about the continued fake news on social media adding that government is committed to addressing this challenge.

“There is a challenge of fake news on social media and what I have noticed is that most of the social media users may not have the journalistic kind of training.

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So, it will still cause a challenge and we know very well that right now social media sets the agenda. We find that the traditional media picks clues or leads from social media and then they follow them up to verify and see how they have been in what has been presented via social media.

But we believe that through constant engagement with the users we shall be in position to get where we want.”

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