Former Tycoons Foundation officially dissolved!!

The NGO board has deregistered the Brian White Foundation for not adhering to the laid down regulations in accordance with the constitution.
The organization has been under the leadership of socialite Brian White Kirumura.

The head of the communications at the NGO board, Patrick Onen Ezaga says the organization has not been operating under the laid down regulations.

It is also alleged that the foundation’s proprietor also commonly referred to as “Brian White” has been involved in numerous cases involving sexual abuse of young female employees.

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“Brian White Foundation is a member-based organization but there is no evidence of a members registrar. With the absence of the structures like the AGM and the board of Directors, the position of Executive Director held by Mr. Kirumira Brian is null and void and hence and absolute nullity.”

“The organization has no office! The existence of Brian White Foundation as an organization recognized by the NGO Bureau ceases with immediate effect.

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The NGO bureau shall also move to request other agencies like Uganda Registration Services Bureau to dissolve Brian White Foundation which is incorporated as a company limited by Guarantee.”

Onen also says that the board has suspended operations of another organization known as KIV DIRECT pending Investigations.

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