Governments new move to curb corruption.

Cabinet has approved of the leadership code amendment bill 2020 which introduces tougher penalties for leaders who have failed to declare the wealth.

Chairlady leadership code tribunal Roselyn Ssegawa

The leadership code tribunal chaired by Roselyn Karugunju Ssegawa was recently sworn in but needed more legal backing to effectively conduct its work.

The amendment imposes sanctions and penalties on leaders in public offices who breach the leadership code act requirement for declaring their wealth.

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The proposed amendment also permits government to recover the elatedly acquired assets since one of the penalties to be imposed by the tribunal is confiscation elatedly acquired assets.

The ethics and integrity minister Simon Lokodo says “The penalties were not aligned with the breaches so it made almost the leadership code tribunal effective so right now it means the leadership tribunal can abide.

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So, whoever doesn’t declare now or whoever hide the resources in other places will be pushed to the tribunal for adjudication. It is between confiscation of assets, dismissal of services all the things that are already in the anti-corruption act will now be effected by the leadership code tribunal. “

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