The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development says it has plans to address the acute shortage of decent housing with about 10 million people staying in poor accommodation especially in the Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Director housing, Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development Dave Hayangayanga says there is commitment to provide resources to the ministry to undertake projects in different parts of the country for cheap decent accommodation.

He said this while addressing journalists at the media center as Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate the world Habitat Day which was set aside to advocate for decent accommodation.

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“For the past few years, government was mainly focusing on national Roads but now that we have reasonably addressed some of the major roads, we are now looking at housing and urbanization as key areas for government investment.

And indeed, in the National Development Plan 3 that will be housing and urbanization are key components. This is where government is going to put more resources to ensure that the cost of delivery of the housing is reasonable and affordable.”

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The chief Executive Officer at the National Housing Cooperation Engineer Kenneth Kaijuka says there is need to plan for the rising Urban population.

“The fact that they have a very fast-growing population more than one million people per year which translates to a minimum of about 200,000 units required per year.

This is quite a high number that National Housing thinks needs to be focused on if we are going to look at establishing good settlements, good habitations for human settlement.

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We therefore take note of the need to look at how to control rural urban migration so that our cities, municipalities and towns can be able to accommodate the population today.”

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