Guerrilla Warfare: UPDF Vs Escapee Prisoner”Catch Me if you can” Fruitless Pursuit Update

The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces says the operation to arrest other prisoners who escaped from Singila Prison in Moroto District is continuing with focus on mountainous areas in the region.

On the 17th of September, 219 prisoners out of 620 inmates escaped from Singila Prison in Moroto. The prisoners seized guns from the armory at the government prison in Moroto about 460 kilometers (286 miles) from Kampala before dashing for the cover nearby. At least three inmates were killed and about seven recaptured.

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Flavia Byekwaso, the UPDF Spokesperson says 7 more arrests have been made because the terrain where the prisoners hid is still challenging.

“We’ve not made any more arrests apart from those of yesterday but I know that we shall because we are committed to make sure that all the 219 are got.”

“We cannot put any time limited. This I an operation so we cannot put a time limit but what I can assure you is to assure the public and especially Karamoja these guys will be arrested at all costs.”


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