Health authorities caution politicians about SOP’s

Health authorities are accusing politicians of misleading the general public in fight against the deadly covid19 disease and its allocated guidelines.

Currently, Uganda’s cumulative covid19 cases stand at 6468 with over 60 deaths reported so far from the different treatment and admission centers.

The commissioner health promotion at the ministry of health, Dr. Richard Kabanda says leaders and aspiring leaders should be exemplary in the fight against covid19.

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“A number of our political leaders have gone ahead to mobilize their people not to deplore the SOP’s. So they do this either by talking about it or by their actions so if you interface with your electorate without responding to what would be the ideal situation in the country.

As technocrats we urge you our colleagues from all different political parties to ensure that they are part and partial of the ministry of health efforts.

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Them being part and partial means that as they engage with the electorates, with the public, the first eye catching statement should be on covid19 and they should actually moblize communities to adhere to the SOP’s.

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