Hit Hardest: Public Transport Axed, Gov’t Rolls Out Toughest COVID-19 SOPs Ahead of 4th-June

Government has finalized plans for return of Public transport under the toughest Standard Operating Procedures the sector is yet to face.

The number of passengers and Passenger service Vehicles will be axed inorder to decongest routes according to Minister of Kampala, Hon. Betty Amongin.
“Taxis shall park at designated areas in accordance with 2 meters as per the social distancing rules put in place to contain the spread of coronavirus,” Ms Amongi said.

Taxi operators within The Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area(GKMA) shall report starting 29th May to KCCA for stage assignment and visit Ministry of works to get Temporal routes they will play through COVID-19 period.
“After obtaining stage/route where you will operate, you will then report to Ministry of Works and Transport to obtain a Temporary Route chart valid until 31st Dec. 2020,” Ms Amongi Instructed.


Licenced passenger number will be axed by half and are all required to wear masks while in transit and it’s incumbent on taxi operators to enforce this else risk loosing license
“No passenger should be allowed in the PSV without a mask. A vehicle found carrying passengers without a mask risk losing their PSV License,” the minister warned.

The Minister also requested all PSVs to have temperature guns and hand washing facilities. Operators also need to make sure There is no contact between Drive, conductor and Passengers.

On the issue of bodabodas, The Minister noted the committee is still formulating SOPs and new stages will be designated for Bodaboda operations with Kampala Metropolitan Area.
“Future Boda boda operations will also be subjected to Standard Operating Procedures. Gazetting of stages and their return to the city will be communicated in due course. At the moment, boda bodas will continue to carry luggage and maintain the curfew time as per the Presidential Directive,” The minister said.

Taxi and Bus operators get a grace period for next 6 month to clear any pending license fees till 31st December, 2020. The period is to used by operators to get permanent routes, new colour code for GKMA and adopt new fee lest they risk ceasing operations by 1st, Jan 2021.

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In our commentary box, we ask, will the Jaw Dropping SoPs for Public Transport to resume Erode Excitement from Passengers & Taxi/Bus Operators ? Has Government Deliberately taken Advantage of COVID-19 Period to AXE & RE-ALLIGN Transport Sector or Its not Good News to All.

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3 thoughts on “Hit Hardest: Public Transport Axed, Gov’t Rolls Out Toughest COVID-19 SOPs Ahead of 4th-June”

  1. About bring excitement to us the passengers of public transport up to now I don’t think, because the minister the KCCA didn’t not talk about the fair since the number if passengers are chopped to half.
    We are still watching till the start date or else some of us got used of roaming Kampala with our bicycle, KCCA should just plan a parking for us.

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