Is this home care approach to covid19 really viable in Uganda???

As the number of Covid cases continue to rise, the health ministry is finalizing guidelines that people in homes must follow in handling covid19 patients.

The need for guidelines comes as over 400 people that have tested positive for covid19 remain in their homes in greater Kampala alone as they wait to be picked by the health ministry emergency teams to rake them to the hospital because these facilities have run out of space.

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The guidelines will provide guidance for people at home on how to safeguard their households. Dr. Charles Olaya, the director of chemical services at the health ministry says the guidelines are important now as the number of cases increase.

He noted that the are admitting more people than they are discharging at the moment and some people are being forced to remain in their homes a little longer as they wait to be transferred.

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In other countries, like the US and the UK that have adopted the home care policy for covid19, only patients who are critically ill and need assistance in breathing are hospitalized.

Moderate and mild cases are encouraged to remain in their homes where the sick people are isolated from the rest of the household.

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