“It’s going down for real!” all fake clearing agents at Busia border to be caught.

The authorities at Busia border in Busia District warn all clearing agents at the border points against tolerating and aiding criminal activities especially those who want to enter the country illegally.

According to the Uganda Clearing Industry and Forwarding Association (UCIFA), these “bogus” clearing agents have continued to tarnish the image of al the genuine ones and thereby necessitating measures to eliminate them from the system.

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Busia RDC, Kato Matanda Hussein says a number of wrong doers and criminal enter the country under the watch of the border officials. He says a total number of 170 business people have lost their money in dealings at the border due to fake clearing agents

“For traders in Busia market, we don’t have any short cut but the only hope is that by 1st October, our main market is going to be commissioned together with all those markets operating within Busia municipality.”

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