Mastering The Game Of A Player

Mastering The Game Of A Player-The Dos and Don’ts

The life of a player is not easy and simple as many people think it is. Yes, there’s the luxury and all, but to be honest with you, it is one heck of a job.

It requires a high level of intelligence, smartness, cockiness, and the ability to lie like hell. Yes, you must be Satan’s distant cousin.

A player is saddled with the responsibility of memorizing multiple names, faces, birthdays, relationship anniversaries, favorite colors, songs, shoe sizes, underwear sizes, the C and D cups, and  the option of changing residence every year or risk attacks from bitter exes. Yet, it doesn’t end there.

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You have to be disciplined enough to hit the gym and get the athletic build. Learn certain skills that women only dream about in an ideal man. Like cooking, singing, playing the guitar, painting, even mechanics. A little grease on a manly man goes a long way, if you know what I mean *winks*.

Now, the weight of all these multitasking leaves no room for a player to be friends with the bottle. I mean, I and my guys have a motto: “stay sober”.

As a player, you-can’t-afford-to-get-drunk-around- a-girl. Never!

Alcohol’s got no chills man, it makes you lose concentration and soon gets you spilling secrets that will eventually get you in trouble. Just like my guy Benson who found himself in the hospital for forgetting the name of a girl he’s supposed to be engaged to. I mean, how do you explain that?

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Benson behaved stupid with the bottle and kept saying ‘Hannah I love you’ to Suzan. He mentioned Ruby and Robina too, quite a mess he had made.

He’s lucky to have survived. After calling Suzan about a thirty different girls’ names, She cat walked all over his head with her heels, left him in a pool of blood and disappeared.

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If I hadn’t found him when I did, it would have been a different story now.

I have learnt my lesson. One has to re-strategize and come up with innovative solutions to problems like this.

I have resolved that every girl I know will have just one name. “BABY”. if you don’t like it, find your way. I cannot put myself in trouble and get killed.

What do you think?

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