NIRA: Repeated/Multiple Registration Trap, Never Received National ID!Here are Simple Steps To Free your ID.

Six in ten Inquiries on Mr. Fixer platform upon deeper interrogation turns out to be Double+registration. The too Impatient applicants have gone as far as five (5) 🥺🥺repeated registrations.

It’s my habit to usually request the inquirer to Dial NIRA’s *216# Free Results system. While the system doesn’t give a straightforward reponse, “No records Found” is usually pointer and forms Ground for for further interrogation. Most often times, my suspicions turn out right.. Multiple Registration.


Based on Thousands of inquires I have answered, it’s Narrows down to 3 Reasons.

  1. Impatience being the First obvious reason. Many think of Registering after an institution asks for their National ID the pressure is high. Any delays from NIRA to issue card prompts the Applicant to Register again with hopes that it will fasten the process
  2. This will sting NIRA, but Many have done multiple Registrations at the advice of NIRA officials especially at the District and many can attest to this. In such cases, The applicant can’t still blame the official when he/she gets problems at Kololo.
  3. Incorrect information at first registration. Upon realising they joking/ mistakenly filled wrong information on registration form, they opt to register again hoping NIRA will process the Newer records. As seen in next paragraphs, this is a huge gamble.
  4. Frustration arising from issues such as Rectification, Citizenship Review and Replacement process. There is perception that fresher Records could get more attention than old records hence faster processing….which is absolutely wrong.


NIRA’s system is robust and can easily detect any kind of records duplication using mainly the biometric data in the already captured data in the system.

One of Two scenarios Happens when system Detects more than one Record;

  • System Automatically deletes any Newer records and Processing of old records continue irrespective whether applicants made any changes in Newer Records.
  • The processing of your NIN and card is halted especially if any of Records lacks sufficient details to affirm you are a Ugandan citizen. The Applicant in this case has to go to Kololo and lately CID department sometimes gets involved as applicant is asked to explain reasons for Multiple registrations. If the Reasoning is valid, then applicant is asked to pick one record for processing..this is at sole discretion of NIRA, each case is handled differently based on circumstances surrounding the records..
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So if system automatically deletes newer records, your chances of getting National ID quicker are increased but if Records processing is halted, the chances of getting ID are slim unless you visit kololo. The *216# system most famous feedback to such cases “No Records Found, Visit Kololo”

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In conclusion, I advice inquirers and future readers of this article to desist from Registering more than once before consultanting from NIRA (Kololo) what could be the issue with first registration otherwise, The solution to this issue is going to Kololo.

For Any direct Guidance/ consultation or just a hello😇😇, message me on my WhatsApp line 0706145023.

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    1. .*🦃AS U ARE AWARE the lockdown Interrupted NIRA Office operations, so there going to be delays in the processing of all documents.. 🦃So u need to adjust your timeline on when to expect ID.
      🦃Otherwise, Dial **216# on MTN or Airtel check for “Status of Application” then share feedback with us for further guidance 👏🏻*

  1. Do i have chance of really getting mine for sure i registred in 2017 at school and again 2019 like in march but they are telling me no records found..agin the same thing.

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