Phase 2: Lockdown Jitters As Taskforce Spills What’s Coming Next

Days to President’s much anticipated address, a section of the population is getting worried as MOH registers exponential growth in COVID-19 new cases. There is a genuine fear of another lockdown, probably tougher than the last one–A scare COVID-19 Taskforce has come out to address.

To what will come relief to Many, members the national covid19 task force have denied pushing for another lockdown as they scheduled to meet the president again today.

Senior presidential advisor in epidemics Dr. Monica Musenero says the lockdown affects everyone and is not most desirable. She however says the most important strategy is for members of the public adhere to set health guidelines an SOP’s in the prevention the spread of corona virus.

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“So, the president has the prerogative to make the final decision but as a team of dedicated scientists we give him all the information. Now the one challenge I can say is that whereas some sectors have taken a long time under lockdown than definitely we need, the challenge is the rising number of cases especially in Kampala. So, the president will be guided and he will make the decision in terms of timing; what will open when. Yes, he has given us the assignment after the meeting on Friday, he gave us the assignment and we are working very very hard. For this we need the population to help us, we need the population to cooperate.”

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Other issues including opening of schools, bars and worship places will be discussed and president will make final decisions which he will communicate to to Ugandans.

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