Protest: UCC meets Resistance to its latest Move to Ban Unregistered Communication Channel

The human rights network for journalists has expressed concern over a move by the Uganda Communications Commission seeking authorization for all data communicators.

According to a public notice from the commission, all persons engaged in digital and broadcast communication services are required to seek authorization from UCC before the 5th of October this year.
The media regulator indicates that all persons currently offering or planning to commence the provision of data communication and broadcast services including blogs, online television and related content must seek clearance prior to streaming. The Networks Executive director, Robert Ssempala says this is another move to further shrink the media space in the country and made a vow to challenge it.

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He said “We don’t know why UCC is too scared and acting on political tones of those that are too scared of a free and independent media. In that light, some of these directives should be challenged in the courts of law because even by mere look at them they are trying to restrict the state more and we have a very good cause to say these are unjustified restrictions by UCC. They are acting with a lot of suspicion and they are not involving the stakeholders. They have been coming up with all these thins yet the directly affect the industry to the negative side.”

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