Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has tasked the ministry of water and environment to put into consideration the cost of delivering water to the public.

Kadaga expresses concern about water pipes left redundant about road slike in Bulabuti and Kamuli among other areas that don’t deliver water to people who need it most anf yet tax payers money is spent on the same.

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Opnin the international E- Conference on water sanitation and hygiene in Kampala, Kadaga also questioned the percentage of water access given by the water ministry saying it could be lower.

Presenting a statement on behalf of the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Engineer Joseph Eyatu Commissioner Rural water and sanitation noted that access to water drpped to 68% down from 69% last year.

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The conference is held under the them e” Advanced the role of Water , Sanitation and Hygien during and after the covid19 pandemic.”

Relatedly members of the Forum have enenimously agreed to push for legislation that will enhance the fight against covid19.

The forum’s chair Jackline Amongin noted that amid the covid19 pandemic water available now are mere guidelines and not strict regulations.

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