powering education in rural africa

EDUCATION: Biomass-Electricity Generating Stove Powering Rural Education

Harnessing Wasteful Heat When Cooking Meals To light Rural Homes.

Education in rural Uganda by xpress voices

In Rural Uganda, Education in COVID-19 Times has forced many learners to adapt Home schooling through Radio & News Paper Publications. 

However, the pressure to contribute efforts towards Home tasks as demanded by Parents/guardians means a student must split daylight time between Home Chores and Studies hence little Time to focus on studies. The Quiet of the night provides ambient time to concentrate but lack of power means Students cant Revise. 

Our team has developed a system that utilizes waste heat from a biomass stove to generate electricity to Power Extended Study Hours for students in Rural Homes with no Electricity. This generated electricity can directly light Bulbs, charge Radio or a phone as meals are prepared. If Electricity is needed at a later time then it can be stored in Battery.  With appropriate funding, The System can be scaled to power schools & Hospitals, and can supplement Solar power deficiencies.

rural education in covid-19 times

Revise in The

Our system can covert heat from Any Fuel i.e Wood, Charcoal, LPG gas to Produce power. The Innovation Utilizes wasteful heat as One cooks food to generate electricity for lighting in a rural setting.

aim to achieve portable design

The system is Still Chunky

But we are working to Improve its general Outlook and Portability. However, the functionality  is not affected by the Chunkiness.

Testing the Principal using Biomass Charcoal Stove

The electricity generated can be scaled to power bigger systems

- Using Just heat



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