See this tax technique that will curb unemployment in Uganda

Government has been challenged to review its taxation policies if it is to create a more favorable environment for increased job creation in the country.

Ugandan economist, Ramathan Ggobi

Policy analysts argue that currently, the available tax polices impose a huge tax burden on the investors and employers yet they are expected to create jobs.

Ramathan Ggobi, an economist says that unless this is revised, more investors will be restrained from the country consequently undermining employment creation for most of the unemployed sector of the country.


“Add to the other three effective ways of creating jobs. Number one is through the tax policy. This country has failed to use the tax policy effectively to create jobs.

How? By ensuring that those who create employment are saved from tax and you tax more those individuals and companies that destroy jobs.

There are organizations in Uganda that don’t create jobs. Those should be taxed. Those that employ many people , wave them from the tax.”

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