Sexual and Economic exploitation of women- a vice eating up the mining sector

Action aid Uganda has implored government to support women in the mining sector to get operations certificates.

The organizations country Director, Xavier Ejoi emphasizes that there is need to have full participation of women in the mining sector either as investors, miners or people decently working in the mines but not just performing in odd jobs.

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Ejois concern that there is only one women’s district in Mubende District that has a license and a certificate to operate in the industry as government to support more women to join and thrive in the sector.

“Women have for long been a significant section of population that has been excluded and marginalized in all spectrums of society but the discrimination is clear in the mining sector. We find women who are doing odd jobs in the mines like picking and pounding rocks.

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We also find that in these mines that the women are involved in their rights are underrated. They are undergoing exploitation both sexually and economically.”

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