The Uganda heart institute says more Ugandans are at a high risk of getting heart diseases because of their poor lifestyles characterized by increased eating without physical exercise.

Dr. John Omagino head of the Uganda Heart Institute.

The latest cardio vascular disease report issued to journalists today by the Executive Director at the Uganda Herat Institute, Dr. John Omangino explains that 1 in every four Ugandans already has hypertension which can easily translate to heart disease if immediate action such as physical exercises is not undertaken.

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Dr. John Omangino says the rate at which heart diseases are occurring in Uganda is worrying while advising adult Ugandans to change their lifestyle.

“One in every four adult Ugandans already has hypertension, high blood pressure. That is already a quarter of the adult population already at risk. Most of this is the lifestyle, people have moved from doing a lot of exercise to sedentary life.

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Life is being characterized by higher intake of food without a commensurate exercise to burn it. If you cannot burn that excess food, the body will turn it into fats and even clog blood vessels and as a result, hypertension, kidney failure and heart failure.”

Dr. Omagino is also advising parents to treat health complications in children to erode infections like repeated sore throat which contribute to heart complications.

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