The past never goes to sleep

Moral Stories: The Past Never Goes To Sleep

A heart rending annal of one grieved by his own demon-the past.

It is of the family tenanting the flat on the second floor; a tale told by it’s bearer.

Of the Infinite wailing!

Shattering of glass!

Colliding knuckles! And

Winging cusses!

It’s a story of the Katende Family.

A family of four, two boys hexed by a crabby mother against their lone father.

The eldest son Simon being a veiled terror,

A garroter in disguise who mellow patiently, like a crocodile awaiting it’s catch. In this case his was an unfamiliar prey, his father.

His mom had told them how mischievous their dad was as a young man in the past, his flirting prowess and bullying stings.

Of how she lost a pregnancy after one night she confronted him to reminisce about his evil doings; he bashed her black and blue, so bad she almost lost her womb.

“That lost child might be the sister I never had.” Simon thought as grudges formed brawny bonds in his eighteen-year old heart.

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Though his father changed, it was irrelevant at this moment because the past had nurtured a beast Simon couldn’t tame anymore.

Last week an argument broke between the man and his wife

At a corner,

Simon stood awaiting a trigger, a thump on his mother even if it’s a mild thrust.

Like acid suspended on a tripod, he boiled to the heat of the scene and the prey fell to his bait as expected.

His father pushed her and she fell.

Immediately, Simon snapped his throat, fiercely smashing his head against the terrazzo floor. Blood rush pumped through the veins in his arm; his eyes enraged

“Ndaira! Njakuta leero!”

I swear! I will kill you today he exhaled. The old man gasped for breathe and called for help at once, then concerned neighbors knew dominance had change hands and quickly intervened.

They broke the door and pulled Simon away from his father’s blood drenched body.

His mom quivered in awe, she never believed her son, quiet and reserved could do a thing like that but it is the fruit of a seed she herself planted which began a new era of prevalence.

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Simon chased his father into hiding in his own house and he the man became the weaker half in his pride.

And it continued so till now.

Later, when dice was cast and dairy reviewed, it was traced that Simon’s dad was once a thorn in his father’s flesh.

He too trounced his father when he sailed on the exuberance of his prime and it was more like his karma.

My fear now is for Simon, the odds favor his sons to do same to him.

Like they say, the past never goes to sleep.

***To whom it may concern;

Dear husband,

Commander in chief of two a bedroom apartment, hear the word of grace.

It’s a seed you’re sowing in the heart of that child unknowingly.
You’re his role model and that child your trouper. A replica of the things you do either good or bad

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So you slapped and kick madam while he watched attentively studying your Connor McGregor stunts on his mother, it’s alright!

Be prepared to settles fights when he gets married because you’ve shown him there’s no better way to be a man other than beating/bullying a woman.

Our Mummy,

Why do you derive pleasure in making your children see their dad as a mental case.

Why nurse a home where a tiger bouts a lion for supremacy?

To the young chap who grew under this setting.

Seek counseling so the spell that held your fathers won’t jinx you too. Your fathers did say,.

“I know myself, I will be just fine and undoubtedly a different husband to my wife and good father to my children.” but this is definitely beyond what words can execute friend.

Please Seek help!

Nice week!

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