Thousands of families rendered homeless in the oil region

At least 12000 families are now homeless after losing their land. There is grave endangerment of sensitive and vital ecosystems in the oil regions. This has been detailed by search for two research reports on oil exploration in the country released today.

The reports entitled “Empty Promises down the line” researched by Ox farm and “New oil business” researched by the International Federation for Human Rights and the foundation for Human Rights Initiative questioned the way oil companies are executing business in the Albertine region.

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Sheila Muwanga, the FIDH Vice President says both reports offer community recommendation of urging oil companies and governments who are on the verge of making the final investment decision for the pipeline construction that starts March 2021 to undertake measures that avoid human and environmental disaster.

“It’s extremely important to hear the voices of communities, civil society, journalists and advocates on this serious topic. The context it has been difficult in East Africa in some instances where we have had testimonies of community members but also activists who have spoken out on issues of oil and gas being threatened or harassed because when you read the report, you will read testimonies of some community members who have alleged harassment.”

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FHRI Director, Livingstone Ssewanyana also urged government and oil companies to consider the voice of the community and the findings while implementing oil development in the Albertine Region.

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