Ugandan Mothers Rejoice As Voucher Plus Project Is Introduced

Ugandan Mothers Rejoice As Voucher Plus project Is Introduced

Ugandan Mothers meet redemption as they are introduced to a more affordable means of safe child birth and reduced mortality rate, a challenge the country has been fighting for over 20 years now. This USAID project has been running in the country for the past five years rolling out in 35 districts specifically in the northern and Eastern parts of the country.

The program has seen over 194,000 safe baby deliveries consequently reducing infant mortality rate as well as safer child deliveries eventually protecting their mothers’ lives. At only four thousand shillings per voucher, this whole service package includes four antenatal care visits, elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV, delivery with skilled attendants, refferal for complications, postnatal care, and PPFP services.Christine Namayanja the chief USAID Ugandan voucher plus activities says there is need to encourage community health insurance through public-private partnerships as Ugandans wait on the the national health insurance scheme bill 2019 to be assented to.

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Case in Point, Masha Clinic In Kapchorwa District:

“We are happy that the number of Ugandan mothers accessing maternal and child health services has greatly increased, although we had patients on insurance schemes. We used to get about two mothers a week, these days we receive 35 to 40 mothers a month,” Ann Mary, a midwife at Masha clinic said.

“This project is saving these young Ugandan mothers,” she said. “The general situation in the past was not very good and many mothers were delivering without assistance. This is a very good program, as it supports our health systems here,” Ann Mary said. The program is supported by the USAID Voucher Plus Activity which partners with Masha Clinic to step up efforts to improve maternal health in Kapchorwa district. The number of women accessing antenatal and postnatal care at Masha Clinic has more than doubled since the Voucher Plus started offering maternal services.

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Through the support of the USAID Voucher Plus activity, Masha Clinic is improving the facility to better serve the mothers. “The project has helped us improve our services greatly. We had one room for almost every procedure, but we were advised by the Voucher Plus team to demarcate it and have more organized space. We were not offering family planning services but now we are. Through this program, my knowledge in comprehensive family planning has greatly improved,” Ann Mary said.


With each voucher, Masha Clinic is making small but sure strides towards reducing maternal mortality in Kapchorwa district.

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