UPDF: “Retreat or We Surrender,” A Vile Security Warning to NRM MPs Mixing Politics & Security

The UPDF has warned that it will be forced to withdraw guards from several political contenders for misusing their services.

Several Members of Parliament were a few years ago given army guards following a wave of insecurity that saw several prominent people including Arua Municipality MP, Ibrahim Abiriga, ASP Muhammad Kirumira and others shot dead.

However, in a statement released on Tuesday, the UPDF spokesperson, Brig. Flavia Byekwaso said the army has received several reports that many of the MPs are misusing the guards in the current political season.

“This is contrary to the reason they were assigned and is likely to involve them in compromising yet unnecessary and avoidable violence between the contending political groups,” Brig.Byekwaso said.

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She explained that the guards were assigned for ensuring personal security and not involvement in political activities as they are being used, warning that the army won’t hesitate to with the guards from anyone involved in their misuse during their political activities.

“For this reason, the UPDF leadership directs that its soldiers should not be misused and where this is found to happen, they will be promptly withdrawn.”

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“This also applies to all the others contending for political office but are armed or have armed escorts.

The warning comes in the wake of the forthcoming ruling National Resistance Movement primaries set for Friday and a number of MPs with army guards are expected to participate

Source: UPDF, Daniel Kazibwe & Galaxy

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