“We are not asking for permission” environmentalists warn police.

Environmentalists under the Bugoma Forest Campaign Group have vowed to proceed with their planned demonstration to stop the destruction of Bugoma Forest. This comes a day after the police stopped them from holding the same for fears of spreading covid19.

Beautiful Bugoma natural forest before destruction.

In a letter addressed to the organizers of the demonstration, the police Director of Operations, Edward Ochom on behalf of the IGP Okoth Ochola said that in view of the threats currently caused by the covid19 pandemic, no demonstration can be allowed at this time.

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However, responding to the letter, the activists including Gusta Kiyinji said nothing will stop them from their effort to save the forest.

“It is unfortunate because our demonstration is not going to spread covid the way recent elections by way of lining behind candidates has done. We will go ahead with our demonstration! We only wrote to police to inform them that we will hold a peaceful demonstration, we did not write to police to ask for permission.”

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He also explained the direction to be followed of the demonstration both in the capital city and Hoima where the reserve is located.

“So, we will go ahead and walk to NEMA office here in Kampala and in Hoima and we will show the world that what I being done to Bugoma Central Forest Reserve is unethical, irresponsible and unsustainable.”

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