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Wildlife Authority Imposes strict Covid-19 guidelines as Parks are officially opened

As Uganda prepares to welcome back visitors into protected major tourist attraction areas, tourists have been advised to take personal precaution to prevent the spread of corona virus. This comes after Uganda Wildlife Authority officially announced that all the country’s parks will open for tourism.

The Authority’s communication manager Bashir Handi says all tourists going for primate tracking activities should carry at least two N95 or surgical masks or cloth layered masks with filters. He adds that government guidelines of carrying a half capacity in order to observe social distance shall apply to the use of vehicles and boats in the parks adding that saloon car vehicles will not be permitted to carry out game drives activities in the protected areas.

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“If they are going to do private tourism, then they need to come with N95 or surgical masks or even cloth masks that have double layer. This is basically to ensure people are safe and that the primates are safe too. The others are basically SOPs that have been put in place by the ministry of health. The Wildlife Authority is encouraging people for instance to carry an extra mask because you may be there and you sweat. And maybe you need to change a mask. We encourage them to carry their own hand sanitizers just to be on a safer side because we have taken good care of the wildlife now. We believe we are ready for tourism.”

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Meanwhile among the other SOPs for specific tourism activities, a maximum of six and eight tourists are to be allowed to travel to a chimpanzee and  gorilla group per day respectively.

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